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 Mid Autumn Gift Hampers Fruit Baskets
 Mid Autumn Gift Hampers Fruit Baskets
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Product Collections
Main Collection 1
? 2019 All-new design Panorama Fruit Baskets
- elegant, grand-sized, impressive full-view design
( 34 products, $590 HKD - $1380 HKD )
Macaunot available
China+Worldnot available
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Main Collection 2
? 2019 Multi-Decks MAF Fruit Towers
- wow with these MAF gifts extraordinaire
( 17 products, $630 HKD - $2460 HKD )
( 2 products, $1030 HKD (Macau) - $1125 HKD (Macau) )
China+Worldnot available
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Main Collection 3
? 2019 Mid Autumn Horizontal Gift Box
- efficient and stylish, carries your well-wishes
( 25 products, $430 HKD - $885 HKD )
Macaunot available
China+Worldnot available
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Main Collection 4
? 2019 Mid Autumn Gifts with Flower
- add the beauty and scent of flower
( 3 products, $525 HKD - $660 HKD )
( 3 products, $525 HKD (Macau) - $660 HKD (Macau) )
China+Worldnot available
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 Mid Autumn Gift Hampers Fruit Baskets
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About our Mid-Autumn Hampers
- an extraordinary Mid Autumn corporate gift
From 10 years of MAF fruit basket experience, and 2 years of collaborating with clients to refine the design, we are happy to announce this new permanent gift collection, already filled 30% of booking capacity before its release, with these features:
  • slanted display-shelf design, allowing a majestic full view of all fruits and items
  • a base-size of 50cm x 37cm, about 50% larger and more Grand than baskets
  • to suit HK fruit receiver's accending taste, the series omits "basic fruits" all-together
  • each fruit is curated and padded with posh golden linings, no stacking and well-protected
  • premium exterior made with manmade-leather bound wood, modern smart elegance
  • no traditional translucent wraps, replaced with exact-fit transparent plastic cover
Design Patent Application 1701516.5, a first in the industry.
Panorama - Finished Product Look

a Good
  • Elegant exact-fit ultra clear plastic cover
  • Elevated golden interior flexible scaffolds
  • NOTE: Ribbon and tying method could vary
   Multiple Decks.
    Fruit Gift Towers.
Hong Kong G.G.B. brings you truly viable and extravagant multi-layers gift fruit baskets that are integrated and majestic. Premium fruits are presented on different decks in the wooden, leather on iron and metalic towers of your choice.
Panorama at top, fruit box in iron drawer
Premium wooden crate with drawer
2-Decks and 3-Decks metalic towers
! Horizontal Gift Boxes !
Fruit Gift Boxes with tops is a trend to stay, THE de-facto gift of choice for many of H.K.'s prominent figures and businesses year after year. They are a statement of simplicity, reliable, good-value, and send your care equally well. Our 2 product lines:
With Gift Box Cover
All items are layouted flat. Enclosed with box cover. Golden interior. Simple yet posh design in 4 colors.

With Clear Cover
Mooncake vertically placed. Exact-fit clear cover. Golden interior.
ReDESIGNing Mid-Autumn Gifts
We are often asked how we come up with the design/redesign concepts:
  • Concepts originated from high-end fruits markets and fruit stalls, which are already naturally appealing. We distill the essence.
  • Understanding trends of elevating taste and requirement of HK fruit consumers
  • Hundreds of hours of clients consultation, design, engineering, sample-making, testing, client reviews and piloting
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Sep 13, 2019

2019 Hong Kong Mid Autumn festival MAF mooncake gift fruit basket NEW collection - by local HKGGB gift shop

What gifts to give on Mid-Autumn Festival this year? Apart from the commonly seen Mid-Autumn Festival fruit basket, Mid-Autumn Mooncake and other festival gifts, HK Give Gift Boutique officially releases a newly designed 2018 Mid-Autumn Fruit n Mooncake gift hamper collection. Inspired by the European fruit cart, we exclusively design the “Paranoma” effect fruit box which is sure to get nice comments from gift recipients. This new collection of Mid Autumn fruit hamper not only allows customers to see the gifts from a new perspective- a clear view of all the gifts from the fully transparent cover; but also avoids pressing the fruits when piled up. The multi-purpose wooden display box makes the gifts look more appealing, it is suitable as corporate gifts and a nice present shared with family and friends together. Fruit basket and mooncake are the must-have food items during 2017 Mid-Autumn Festival, but if you want to have a healthier body during the festival, it’ll be nice to enjoy a cup of green tea with the food. The brand-new double layer deluxe gift hamper is designed by our innovative designer with heart; every decision is made in the hope of giving customers more choices of sending Mid-Autumn Festival gifts. Different from traditional Mid-Autumn fruit basket with only a few gift options, our new MAF gift box added extra space for gift items like brand name chocolate, cookies, tealeaf, bird nest product and smoky salmon etc. The delicate and neat packaging brings the whole Mid Autumn fruit basket collection into a higher level of taste. Of course, the local brand name Hotel Peninsula mooncake gift box and Maxim custard mooncake gift are still among the most popular MAF gifts. 2017 Mid-Autumn Festival greeting is often seen as “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival”, but actually you could use more meaningful card content or attach a company name card to make the MAF gift even more special. The entire classical Mid Autumn Festival fruit basket collection and the new “Paranoma” collection are available for ordering now, and we provide delivery service for Mid Autumn gifts around Hong Kong.

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